Sarah Wysocki

As a long-time educator, Sarah Wysocki has seen time and time again the power of a good story.  As a child, Sarah loved to get lost in the adventures of her most beloved characters.  Her favorite stories were always ones with characters she could relate to particularly little girls who found trouble no matter where they went or how hard they tried to avoid it.  As a child, Sarah found trouble easily and often both at home and at school.

Sarah Wysocki currently teaches math just outside of Washington, DC.  Even in math class, there’s rarely a day that passes without a story being told. She loves to be both on the giving and receiving side of stories in her classroom. Stories are like little treasures that are everywhere just waiting to be found and shared with others.  

The inspiration behind Sarah’s writing is to provide entertaining stories where children from all walks of life can see bits of themselves.  Sarah knows how powerful stories can be to open the door to important and sometimes tough conversations.  That’s why she writes about topics that are relevant to kids and important for educators and parents to acknowledge and discuss. Sarah is a parent to two children, an adventurous and brave little girl, and a rough and tumble and sweet little boy.

Sarah Wysocki has a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Bastyr University, a Master’s in Teaching from Trinity University, and a graduate certificate in TESOL from George Washington University.

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